Apr 20, 2011

Sadie's bad day

Sadie is not having a good day - last night she found some tasty capsules on her human's bedside table. No sooner had she licked up the yummy powder she found inside them than her humans whisked her off to the Emergency Centre at Fyshwick.
Despite her protests the doctor hooked her up to a drip and started her on tablets to counteract the drugs. DRUGS???? Sadie's eyes widened - no wonder her heart was beating very fast and her legs wouldn't behave. Now she thought about it she also felt a little faint.
Labradors are not the only ones that hoover up every morsel they can find. Some cats love to clean up after their owners and sneak in extras too!
This photo was taken  at Hall Vet Surgery this morning. Sadie says this is not her best side but at least she's feeling more normal today. Cats take a long time to metabolise many human drugs so it will be a few days until she is really herself again.

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