Sep 1, 2011

Last chance to book for Cat information night

All dressed up and ready to go!
Only three weeks until our Cat information night! Seats are running out fast. If you haven't already registered phone reception today.
Our first speaker will put cat behaviour under the microscope. Ever wondered why cats rub their faces on everything? Or why some rip lounges to pieces? Or why some cats take to spraying urine all over the house? We'll learn why, and how to reduce this unwelcome behaviour.
Then we hear about a new diet for easing aching joints and reducing discomfort from arthritis.
I'll be talking about making a trip to the vet with your feline a more pleasant experience for you both. I'll also help you to recognise signs of illness and pain more easily.
Last of all we'll discuss how we can help you make the lives of your beloved cats as long and comfortable as possible.
Look forward to seeing you on the 21st September at Hall Pavilion!

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