Apr 3, 2013

Cats only!

Thank you for listening Hall Vet Surgery!

From Wednesday 24th April we are trialling a cat-only consultation time from 6 - 8 pm every Wednesday evening. This will be a quiet, dog-free period so that cats are stressed as little as possible before seeing their vet.

Most cats find the vet surgery waiting room a stressful place. They can smell and see dogs and strange humans. Doors bang, dogs bark, people laugh and talk, cages clang.

On ordinary days we find that by the time cats reach the exam table many are very wound up. Vets and nurses find a tense cat hard to examine and results from blood tests are skewed by the body’s stress response.

While cats are hunters they are also prey. In their natural or familiar environment they are very efficient at defending themselves against perceived threats. 

When they are unable to act because they are trapped in a carrier or unable to hide they get ready to flee or attack.  The vet visit becomes very unpleasant for the cat, the owner and the veterinary staff.

Hall Vet Surgery wants to minimise your cat’s stress and make the vet visit a more relaxed and comfortable experience for your cat and you.

Look at the vet visit from your cat’s point of view and book your next visit for a Wednesday evening.

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