Mar 1, 2013

Home wanted!

Harry and Cino's people

are moving to Texas USA sometime after June and are looking for a fantastic home for their Burmese boys. They want to rehome them together as they have been together since they were kittens.
They have always been inside cats but go outside into a secure courtyard.
As they are getting on in years, they would prefer them to be only cats. However they have grown up with a golden retriever and a Labrador.
Their people will supply their paraphernalia, cat tower, crate, bed, litter box etc, and any food which may be remaining.
Harry, the red, is the more verbal one, he is the boss apparently and keeps our dog in line. He also has a penchant for hair ties which will go missing from the bedroom and turn up in his food dish!!
Cino, the brown, is the smarter, much more affectionate one who loves the rings from around milk containers. He will play with them for hours.
They have been very healthy all their lives apart from some dental problems. Harry has just been diagnosed with low grade kidney disease but is healthy and happy otherwise. 
They love them madly and would like to find someone who is a genuine cat person to love and adore them - and who doesn't mind being entertained.
Please phone Hall Vet Surgery on 6230 2223 if you think Harry and Cino might fit into your home.

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