Dec 8, 2012

Tabby all patched up

Remember Tabitha? She was diagnosed with kidney disease earlier this year. After a bit of persuasion she took  to her special diet for failing kidneys with relish, although she misses her weekly fresh rabbit.
This week she had her progress tests. Her potassium levels were fine - diseased kidneys lose potassium - and her phosphorus levels were normal too. If phosphorous gets too high or potassium too low then cats lose their appetite and feel ill.
We were concerned to find that her creatinine levels were creeping up but as they are not affecting her appetite or quality of life we will just monitor her again in 3 months time.
Overall the special low protein, low phosphorous, high potassium kidney diet is keeping her healthy and happy so that she can properly supervise the next patchwork project - and at 16 years of age that's pretty important!

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