Aug 8, 2012

Skin infection

Missy-Moo has a very unusual bacterial infection in the skin of her belly. Two weeks ago she visited us with lots of 'pepper-pot' draining holes on her belly. The skin was thick and spongey. She hadn't complained to her family about it but they noticed she was spending a lot of time keeping herself clean.
After surgery to remove the worst of the inflamed and infected skin and to take samples to send to the lab she started on antibiotics that we thought might be effective against the most likely causative bacteria.
Two weeks later the lab has found the culprits but hasn't identified them or found the most appropriate antibiotic for her yet.
Today we took Missy-Moo's stitches out and her belly is looking much, much better. Her owner commented that she has been playing more and is getting back to her happy self.
Missy-Moo is not impressed with daily tablets, but will have to continue with them for many weeks yet. If she stops too soon the infection could flare up again.

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