Jul 4, 2012

Medications in food

This morning I received a very sad email from a cat whose carer is adding chicken flavoured medicine to his food:

Dear Dr Kate,
I'm writing to report  on the appalling conditions the slaves are forcing me to live in. For the past two and a half  weeks my life has gone from good to bad. I was running the place, had that rotten new dog playing right into my paws. 
Then the slave took me to see you. As the problems started shortly after my visit I thought it was best to make my complaints directly to you (my constant complaining to the slave has not resulted in any improvement in my conditions...) 
Initially I was forced to take some revolting medicine - it made me gag and froth and retch - but I do feel better now. My cough has completely gone.
Now they think they can hide "chicken" flavoured poison in my food. I’m not stupid enough to fall for their tricks! 
I went on a hunger strike and refused to eat, hoping my protest would guilt them into feeding me something normal - it didn't work. I have cried and whinged every minute of the day. 
Yesterday I gave in and ate the food with the poison in it - just to lubricate my throat, you understand. I just couldn’t go on with my tummy rumbling so much. 
Today I managed to climb up on the fridge where they keep the dog treats (why didn’t I figure this out years ago??). I've threatened to stay here on the fridge and/or throw myself off if conditions don’t improve ie if THEY DON’T FEED ME DECENT UNADULTERATED REAL FOOD!
They are ignoring me. Dr Kate, please help me! Talk to them for me. Please....
Regards Gus

Gus enclosed this photo of his poor suffering self:

Poor Gus! He will feel so much better if he relents and eats his 'adulterated' food. Already the antibiotics for his chest infection have reinvigorated him! The asthma medicine that his carer is putting in his food will make him feel better every day.

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