Jun 15, 2012

DON'T feed the man meat...

Kittens on all meat diets soon get thin bones. 
Young Rolly’s arm broke last week when he jumped off the couch. It was not very far down from the couch, especially for an energetic 4 month old kitten.
When we looked at his X-rays we were horrified to find that his bones had less calcium in them than his muscles.
Rolly prefers plain meat so his owner had been feeding him just that - chicken breast, beef mince and the occasional chunk of liver. 
No meat has enough calcium in it for growing bones. The ratio of calcium to phosphate is completely upside down causing the body to mobilise calcium from bones for essential organ function.
Specialty kitten diets have extra calcium and protein in them. The calcium and phosphorous are in the correct ratio to support bone growth and organ function.
While I recommend that all kittens should taste a variety of meats so that they are not fussy later on, kitten foods of all kinds should be the mainstay of a kitten’s diet. 
Once they are adults cats can have more meat. Meat strips and chunks keep adult cats’ teeth clean and healthy.
Rolly is on a good quality kitten food and a calcium supplement to strengthen his bones. He also sports a smart fluoro green cast on his left arm.

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