Feb 10, 2012

Holiday plans

If you are planning a big  holiday this year don't forget to think about pet care well ahead of time. Cats would prefer to stay in their own home and yard, of course. If you can arrange for a friend, relative or house-sitter to call in regularly or stay in the house they will be most grateful.

However many cats have to go on their own holiday to a boarding cattery. Outgoing cats spend happy holidays at boarding facilities and even look forward to their own break from home routines. Nervous kitties though need a little extra tender loving care. Ask the staff to spray some Feliway around the bed and room if they haven't already got a Feliway diffuser plugged in. 

Visit the cattery or kennels beforehand, inspect the accommodation and meet the staff. If you feel comfortable with their cat handling skills and can see they are cat lovers, then your cat will probably settle in after the first day or so.

All commercial boarding establishments are licensed by the local authority but standards vary. Seek out recommendations from friends, neighbours or your veterinary surgeon. Some people like to trial board their pets for a weekend or a few days to see how they settle if they are going away later for an extended period.

Check that your pets’ vaccination status is up-to-date well before the holiday. Cats must have enteritis (also known as parvovirus or panleukopenia), calicivirus and herpesvirus vaccinations within the previous 12 months.

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