Nov 25, 2011

Tick paralysis

Already this spring we have treated a cat back from the beach with tick paralysis.
Reports from the coast say that the ticks are the worst seen in many years.
Treat your cat for ticks before you leave for the coast.
Frontline spray is the only safe tickicide for cats. Apply 2 days before leaving for the coast and then fortnightly while down there.
Advantix and Permethrin are extremely toxic to cats. A cat brushing up against or grooming a treated dog can die of permethrin poisoning.
Supplement the tickicide application with close daily inspection of your cat. Feel inside the ears, under the arms, around the tail and in all the crevices and skin folds. Ticks love to hide in long hair. Remove any ticks you find immediately.
If your cat is weak in the legs or drooling contact a vet immediately.

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