Jul 6, 2011

Cats, cats, cats!

Make a note in your diary - cat health and behaviour will be the focus at this year's Hall Vet Surgery information night on Wednesday 21st September.
This will be our third information night but the first to give cats the attention they deserve!
I'll keep you posted on time and place.
If you have any suggestions on what you would most like to hear about make a comment below.


  1. Dear Dr. Kate, I'm Mr. Puddy, I'm a long fur Tuxiedo Cat. I'm almost 4 years old. Now it's Winter in Melbourne Australia. I eat a lot and I gain weight. Now I'm 7.1 KG. ( I'm outdoor and indoor cat )

    The thing I love to know.
    1. How I know I'm Fat ? Is different breed of cat can give me more extra kilo ? What is Maximum weight to keep me healthy ?
    2. My mom said I'm fat, How much she should feed me ?
    This is my feeding schedule :
    5.30 AM. 1 cup of dried food
    4.30 PM. half of cup of dried food and 1 pack of Mince Meat for Cat
    ( For Dinner, I love to finish my meat but I always save dried food for later, till I go to bed. My bed time is 8.30 till 9.30 PM.

    I'm looking forward to hear from you
    Thank you to open the chance for me to ask the question
    Mr. Puddy

    PS : I got a blog, You can click the link to see how big I am. I believe I'm not fat, But my dad said I am fat. But I want to live long. Here is my website please click Mr Puddy

  2. Dear Mr Puddy,
    You have a great blog - I love the pics of your adventures!
    You do look as if you have a bit of a spare tyre! Unlike the lesser species (dogs and humans) cats hide their fat under their tummies, well covered in fur.
    Ad lib dry food is the most common fattening agent in my experience. Tell Mum to reduce the amount of dry food by at least half and to remove whatever you don't eat within 15 minutes.
    She should increase the meat she offers you and try chunks of meat as well as mince. Meat is less fattening per portion than dry food as well as being better for your teeth and your kidneys.
    Excess weight makes you more likely to develop arthritis, diabetes, liver problems and other nasties.... so Mr PUddy it's diet time for YOU!

  3. Thank You so much Dr. Kate : )