Feb 9, 2011

Choosing the right cat for you

Choose a cat to suit your lifestyle.

  • Where will your cat live?  If your cat will be kept entirely or mostly indoors, select a breed or an individual that’s calm and not very active.
  • How much time do you want to spend grooming your cat? Cat have short or curly coats, or are long-haired. Long or densely haired cats shed more hair into your home and need more grooming than short-haired breeds. We sedate many long haired cats in spring and summer to clip and groom them thoroughly.
  • What temperament would you like? Many cats are placid and gentle while others are playful or independent. Pure bred cats have more consistent temperaments but a moggie can be a loyal, healthy and long-lived pet. Kittens that have been handled a lot and exposed to all sorts of people and experiences are usually more tolerant and well-adjusted than those that have just been left with the queen.
  • What size cat would you like? Breeds and individuals range from small to large in size. Check the parents and the breed.
  • What sort of household do you have? If everyone in the house is out during the day at school or work, two cats will keep each other company.
A good place to start finding the right breed for you is Selectapet.
Go to Pets in the City for some excellent information on keeping a cat in the city.

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