Jan 10, 2011

How old is my cat?

The old way of comparing a cat's age with a person's was to multiply by seven. Here is a more  accurate way that correlates better with the various life stages and growth rate of the cat:
The first year of a cat's life is equivalent to 15 human years. By 2 years old a cat is the equivalent of a 24 year old person. After that each year for a cat is the same as four human years. For example a 10 year old cat would be 24 + (8 x 4) = 56 human years.

A cat is middle-aged by about 8 years old (48 human years). When your cat is 12 he is equivalent to retirement age (64 human years).
If your cat lives past 16, each additional year is about three human years.

The average lifespan for a cat is around 14 years (72 human years), but many live to 17 (83 human years) and some to 20 (92 human) years old.

According to the Guinness World of Records the world's oldest cat is Creme Puff from Texas who was 37 in 2004!

Thanks to the fabulous fab cats' brochure for these interesting morsels!
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