Oct 11, 2010

Pet loss and grief

Katrina Warren has created a website for people who have recently lost a pet or who are agonising over a decision to euthanase an old or ill pet. She encourages people to share their stories and tributes, read expert advice and honour the lives of their special pets.

Have a look at :

Our Wonderful Pets

The love we have for our pets never dies- they live on in our hearts and memories forever.

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  1. I applaud you for setting up this website to provide support for grieving animal lovers and a place for them to memorialize their beloved pets. I am an animal chaplain in the States who works with people to help them prepare for, cope with and move on after pet loss. There is tremendous need for understanding and compassion for those who're going through this painful experience. I wrote my book, "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss," as a means of helping myself and others come to understand death as a natural transition and to give people ways to facilitate their heart's healing. Thank you for doing the same through this site.