Jul 21, 2010

Big-boned Cogsworth


Cogsworth shows his wares
Cuddly old Cogsworth found his way into his family's hearts when they saw him at the RSPCA.  He was a thin little street waif then but quickly established his preference for  24 hour eat-in snacks and lots of sleep between.  The sorry result is a rather large belly...
Problems later in life because of that belly will include diabetes, arthritis, chronic pancreatitis and liver troubles. 
Cogsworth has bravely recognised that he needs to slim down.  His plan:
  • only two meals a day
  • no cat biscuits
  • no cheese, no pate or liverwurst, no treats of any kind except for cuddles 
  • measured amounts of canned food and roo meat
  • slow weight loss over about 6 months
  • weigh in every 2 weeks
  • entertain staff by chasing ribbon, butterflies and mice; running through their silly cardboard tunnels; and climbing the cat tree twice a day.
We watch with interest, Cogsworth!

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