May 21, 2010


Mishka's incision
Mishka arrived at Hall Vet Surgery last Friday feeling very poorly.  She had not eaten for a few days and had been vomiting on and off all day.  Poor old Mishka would rather have stayed at home curled up in her basket but her carers decided that she must be really sick when she turned her nose up at breakfast yet again.
Whenever we felt Mishka's abdomen she winced.
Blood tests told us nothing.  Xrays showed a lot of gas in part of her intestine.  Mishka has eaten some odd things in the past so a foreign body stuck in her intestine was a possibility.
The only way to confirm and fix a blockage was surgery.  We were pleased to find nothing in her intestine, but her pancreas was swollen.  An inflamed pancreas could make Mishka feel very sick and sore and explained why she had lost her appetite.
A couple of days on a drip, antibiotics and pain relief worked wonders.  Mishka soon felt well enough to eat and was keen to get home and back to work.
We saw her again on Thursday.  Her surgical wound was healing well and she was back to normal again.
Mishka will have to lose some weight to prevent another bout of pancreatitis.  We will supervise her weight loss because sudden weight loss in cats is as dangerous as none at all.

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