May 27, 2010

Microchip activated cat flap

A cat flap that recognises your cats and will only open for them is now available from Hall Vet Surgery.
Stray cats in the laundry and mysteriously empty food bowls will be a thing of the past. You and your cats can relax at home without the threat of intruders.
The cat flap stores your cats’ microchip numbers and only opens to the numbers you programme in.
It is battery powered and simple to operate. The manufacturers claim that it is suitable for installation in most door types including glass.
You can set the flap to open either or both ways.
Other cat flaps rely on cats wearing a collar which activates the door. This one is activated by your cat’s existing microchip so there is no chance of losing the collar or your cat getting caught up on something.
We can easily implant a microchip if your cat does not already have one.
Check out Sureflap here:

PS checkout the videos - so cute!


  1. But what I'd like to have seen on the videos was a cat being chased by a dog, and safely exploding through the cat flap, with the dog flattening its nose on the flap because it was "barred". Now that would have been cute!

  2. I installed one of these last week and it's fantastic. I have two cats; one has figured out the door and is using it regularly, but the other one is a bit more reluctant.... The door makes a 'clicking noise' when it registers the microchip and unlocks, and my poor kitty gets frightened and runs away! Very amusing to watch! However we've now spent quite a bit of time pushing him through the door and rewarding him with treats....we'll see if it pays off!