Mar 20, 2010

Tiger on the prowl

Tiger spent a few days in hospital this week after a paralysing encounter with a brown snake. As you can see he was unsteady on his feet and stayed close to the ground when trying to move. If he'd waited any longer before alerting his humans to his condition he would have been like a floppy doll and completely unable to walk. At the end of summer and autumn when snakes are low in venom cats can take several hours to develop the muscle weakness.  Untreated the paralysis can immobilise them altogether and stop them swallowing and breathing.
We gave Tiger brown snake antivenom as well as drugs to prevent any reaction to the antivenom and hospitalised him on a drip to flush the antivenom and venom complexes from his system.
Tiger in a cage
Places to go...people to see...Tiger after 24 hours, impatient to get home. 
Once Tiger was able to swallow his food we could take him off his drip and send him home.  He is still not strong enough to resume his neighbourhood prowls but at least he can relax and be waited on in the manner to which he has become accustomed at home.

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  1. Tiger wanted me to thank Dr Kate and is now demanding a bed like the one at the vet. An Igloo. I will obey (have you see those teeth!!) He gladly stayed in for 2 days after the vet and today he is almost walking normally. (he's almost ready to walk through the crystal glasses on the top shelf) He has done nothing but eat and sleep and his brother (Mouse) has cleaned him from ear to tail and cuddle up next to him. Even the puppy cleaned his wound. Happy days again in our household :) thank you Kate!!!!!!!!!