Mar 1, 2010

Teeth and tartar

A healthy mouth equals a happy, healthy cat.  In nature cats hide pain so that predators and rivals cannot better them. 
In our homes this is a huge disadvantage.  We don't often look in our cats' mouths so we don't realise that they are hiding holes in their teeth, loose teeth, tartar or gum disease.
Cat's teeth are prone to decay at the gumline.  Rough teeth gather plaque and tartar which rub against the gums and cause inflammation and infection, resulting in loose teeth.
Cat owners are often surprised when we recommend dental work for their cats  They are even more surprised - and delighted! - at how happy and playful their cats are after bad teeth are removed and the remainder scaled and polished.
A good Australian pet dentistry site is:
Sydney Pet Dentistry

The staff at Hall Vet Surgery are happy to talk teeth any time.

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