Feb 6, 2010

Twins Big Day Out

Twin tortis Pepper and Kimba had a big day yesterday.  They came into hospital for desexing before breakfast and were home in time for a much deserved tea!

Kimba has her premedication - a tranquilliser and pain relief injection - to help her relax and to minimise any discomfort from the surgery

This Feliway diffuser in the cat ward helps keep the twins calm before surgery.  It diffuses the natural pheromone that cats rub over their homes
and so makes them feel more relaxed and at home.

 Kimba in surgery.  The anaesthetic machine and monitoring equipment are at Dr Kate's right.  Dr Kate will remove her ovaries and uterus so that she won't come into season, get pregnant or develop problems of the uterus later on.
 Kimba and Pepper on their way home after their big day out at Hall Vet Surgery.  Because their metabolic rate will be slower now that they have been desexed, they will have to cut back on the amount that they eat each day so that they don't become tubby.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dr Kate

    It's Candice Goldsmith here, thank you so much for doing such a great job on my girls - they look beautiful in the pictures!

    They have been recovering extremely well and are very happy.

    We will see you again on Saturday for Kimba's check up (Pepper will be visiting again of course as the girls don't like to be seperated for long!)

    Thank you again!!