Jan 26, 2010

The dreaded vet visit

Most cats would rather not visit the vet.  However, annual checks catch nasty conditions early and older cats with chronic issues need to visit much more often.

Carriers that I can lift the top off are ideal in the exam room because your cat can stay comfortably in his safe haven while I work around him.

Cats that use their carrier as an occasional bed or hidey hole at home seem most relaxed about being locked up in it for the car ride over.  Some people find short trial rides in the carrier and car reduce anxiety (and constant cries for help!) further.

I like to speak in a soft low voice to my patients as I examine them.  If you can remain calm and speak and move quietly too, your cat is more likely to stay relaxed.  Even the most laid back puss will gratefully receive gentle petting and massage in a stressful situation.

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